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About Me

I'm Sarah, and am I here to help you navigate your way through to a greater sense of fulfillment. 


I am a FreeMind Therapist and Coach, who specialises in working with mid-life women who believe that they are flawed, broken, or unlovable and use hypnotherapy to set them free of the stories and beliefs that no longer serve them so they can move forward with peace and purpose, and actually enjoy the process along the way.


Depression and a variety of questionable life choices led to me exploring a variety of therapies and approaches to healing.  Whilst there were shifts and changes, what was missing was the elusive breakthrough that others seemed to be having.  I felt unfixable, broken and that I must be so flawed that I would never be healed.


Not one to give up (my middle name should be Tenacious), the breakthrough finally came when working with FreeMind hypnotherapy tools and techniques. I had finally accessed the pain that needed to be healed. Taking an unconditional and loving approach to those parts that were holding me back, I was finally able to heal. In doing so I realised that EVERYONE has the potential to heal and has within them a core that is loving, loveable and loved.


As a result I now works with others to have the breakthroughs they always feared they would never have.   


P.S. Whilst this work can be heavy, it doesn’t always have to be approached as such. Whilst I take this work seriously I absolutely have both feet on the ground, am known to be a sweary bear-y, love to drink coffee,  cuddle cats, travel to far off destinations as much as possible, and to wear glitter and sequins whilst attending sober raves and festivals.

If you

  • tried to make changes in the past and you've never fully succeeded,

  • feel that it's time to try again

  • never felt able to create a change for yourself  because you didn't feel you could

  • want more from life but aren't sure what 'more' could be like

  • want to work with someone who is perfectly imperfect and who is non-judgemental, loving and supportive

then book a complimentary call with me today

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