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I'm Sarah Stewart, and am I here to help you navigate your way through to a greater sense of fulfillment. 

I have been on my own path of self discovery for a number of years, working with coaches and therapists.  I made progress, unpicked a lot of unhelpful belief patterns, thoughts and views, set goals, made changes and I learnt lots of tools and techniques, reinforced my own love for, and belief in the benefits and power of coaching, but...but...but...


Time and time again I found that the biggest blocker to achieving sustained change and success was....(drumroll)..me... myself.  Turns out that the inner critic, the voice that was telling me what I couldn't do or shouldn't be doing was actually sabotaging me.  More importantly, I realised, it was actually doing this to keep me safe! This seemed counter-intuitive, however recognising that this 'protector', this part of me that was self sabotaging, was actually trying to help was a major breakthrough in healing past patterns of unhelpful and limiting behaviours. 


Using those same tools I now work with clients to create sustainable lasting change and freedom.  Free from those self-sabotaging patterns, removing those beliefs that held me back - of not being 'good enough', not being 'worthy' enough and not feeling able to be seen.

If you

  • tried to make changes in the past and you've never fully succeeded,

  • feel that it's time to try again

  • never felt able to create a change for yourself  because you didn't feel you could

  • want more from life but aren't sure what 'more' could be like

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